Get Fresh Air In Your Room With The LG Electronics LP1214GXR 12000 BTU

LG Electronics LP1214GXR

If you are looking to install an air conditioner in your house, you are probably looking for one that is very efficient and operates on minimal electricity to keep your bills down. One such air conditioner that you can never go wrong with is the LG Electronics LP1214GXR 12000 BTU. It will provide steady and dependable performance year after year as long as you observe proper maintenance on it. It runs quietly, it is long lasting, and is very low in service needs. The fact that it is portable makes it really awesome because you can use it in any room in your house.

Moving this air conditioner from one room or house to another will not be hard at all. This is because it has easy roll caster wheels that move easily on most floor surfaces. The unit is made with oscillating air vent technology that circulates the depressed air in a more efficient manner. You can rest assured that no hot spot in your room will be left untouched when you are using it. With the unit’s programmable 24 hours On/Off timer, you will be able to control temperature in your room with absolute ease even when you are not there.

This air conditioning unit is well polished with many accessories. It has nice chiming noises for button pushes, an LCD remote control for ease of operation, and a motorized swing feature vent. It is well built and comes in a packaging that is very easy to unpack. There will be no need of lifting the unit more than a couple inches. The cooling process starts quickly and there are different modes to allow you to adjust accordingly in order to save energy. You will find the Energy Saver feature that it is equipped with to be very useful when it comes to minimizing energy usage.

LG Electronics LP1214GXR

At the front of the air conditioner, there is an air discharge with auto swing louvers as well as a washable mesh filter to make sure that you get clean and fresh air in your room all the time. It is great for bedrooms and living rooms that are not too big. You can set it up for two sizable rooms and it will cool both of them very well. It does a really great job of keeping rooms of up to 450 square feet cool with dehumidification of up to 1.2 pints per hour. It uses a standard 115 volt electrical outlet.

Overall, the LG Electronics LP1214GXR 12000 BTU is a powerful, portable air conditioner that is going to cool your room very fast. It features great construction and does what it is supposed to do very well. Its vents can be easily adjusted to improve their effectiveness by pressing the auto-swing button. The quickest way to cool your room is to point the vents up as possible because cool cold air sinks. The LCD remote control that the unit comes with works at many angles, something that allows you to operate it when absolutely anywhere in the room.